Saturday, November 15, 2008

Things That Make Ya Go Hmmmmmmmm

Once again, I have fallen off the blogging planet. I'm not even sure anyone is following this anymore. Regardless, I will trudge on.

I was clearing out my flash cards just a minute ago, and came across all sorts of entertaining images. I think sometimes the candid snapshots can be far more interesting than the well planned photograph.

This is my sister Kayla. No, that is not a shower cap. It is...a diaper. Clean of course. I love you...please don't hate me for posting this. :) we're even. What the HECK was I thinking?!

Unfortunately, my gene has been passed on.

And why is it that every toddler has this insatiable urge to stick everything in their nose?

Amber and Megan...gotta love them.

This one is just for fun. Check out the fog we had one morning!

And I will probably rot in hell for this next one...but I couldn't resist. Can you imagine the first door you go to on your first Halloween, and you encounter this?!

And for the record...that was a WOMAN.

Off to go ask for forgiveness...


Anonymous said...

I still follow your blog! ;-)
These are hilarious!!! Except for that last one... scary! That's why we go downtown (where they close the street and the merchants set up outsise) or the mall to trick-or-treat.

Nice to see you back! Yours is one of my favorite blogs.

jilltan said...

I have been in a blogging funk too lately! Those are so funny! Please tell me that last dude was dress like that for Halloween -- he was trying to be scary, right????

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Well, its official. I hate you. JUST KIDDING, its me. Its us. Its who we are. Crazy, coo-coo, of the kilter. Poor Kaitlyn never had a chance….. Love ya lots

-K.J. Binkens

Staci said...

I still check your blog almost daily for signs of life! Glad to see you updated it!! The finger up the nose must be a toddler thing!