Sunday, November 30, 2008

'Tis the Season

I LOVE Thanksgiving purely for the fact that the next day, we put up the Christmas tree. I find myself looking over at it at least a couple dozen times through out the day. For one, it is just too darn purty not to look at. And for two, the fact that my daughter has found great joy in dismembering it.

I have found Christmas bulbs in all sorts of random spots in the include in her potty chair.


I attempted the self-portrait-in-a-glass-bulb thing.

Ehhhhhh. Something about the fun-house mirror effect that doesn't suit me and my borderline grotesque nose very well. I made sure to cover it up with my not so grotesque camera.

10 more school days left til semester break...


Anonymous said...

10 day count down!!!!

Love your pp in the first shot! I love the after Thanksgiving decorating too! :)

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS tree! Must be a pre-lit, right? We bought one last year and OMG how much easier it is than fighting with the light strings!
I can't wait to put up my tree.... it's still in the shed somewhere, and I will probably set it up soon, but wait with the decorating until it's a little closer to Christmas.
Love the self portrait (you stole my idea! :-P )

jilltan said...

Beautiful tree and the pp'ing is awsome on that one.
Cute sp -- I did that last year and will probably try to do do it again and see if my girls will play along!

Becky said...

Your tree is beautiful! Where are all the kiddy decorations hiding? I wish I could put up our tree but the real ones dry out so fast here so we wait until the 2nd week of December. Maybe we'll go early since we won't be here for Christmas.
Keep up the bloggin lady!

Cheryl said...

Love these pics... your tree is so pretty!!! I would look at it all day too!