Sunday, December 14, 2008


You know that point when you look at your child and realize they are no longer that tiny fragile thing anymore? When their baby-like features are replaced by more grown-up ones, and you can look them in the eyes and get a glimpse of what their future may hold?

I had that today.

No matter how badly I want to sweep her up and protect her from all that is cruel and unjust in this world, I know I am powerless to the passing of time. There will come a day when she will talk back to me. She will shut me out of her room and exclude me from her life because her friends are way more important. She will have her heart broken by what is sure to be her one and only true love, only to have it be broken by the next one and only true love. And my heart will break too, right along with hers. Despite my best efforts to explain to her this pain will pass, and that it's not the end of the world and she will go on, she will continue to believe there is no pain like the pain she is feeling right then. Regardless of the countless times I tell her "You'll understand when you have kids of your own", she won't. Until she does have kids of her own.

Just as my Mom once did for me. And maybe one day she will look back on it all, and it will sting more than she can imagine, and want to take it all back. Just as I do today.

I love you Punky Butt. No matter how many times you break my heart, shut the door, or come home late.


mommaduck said...

Boy, that brought tears to my eyes, it brought back those feelings I had with you when you were young. I survived the 'back talk', door slamming and the occasional gestures you made when you thought I wasn't looking, but not without a broken heart. But to see how you and Kayla both have become such wonderful, caring mothers makes my heart smile more than you'll ever know. I guarantee there will be back talk and door slamming but just know that Kaitlyn is learning by example from a wonderful mom, she just won't realize it 'til she has kids of her own'. I love you.
Momma D

Howard M said...

Quite touching...and really well written Terri. You already know my opinion of your photos. You can just feel the love & emotion!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, and I just love the mommy-daughter pictures!
Oh, yes, ther will be door slamming, yelling, screaming, name calling (and she will think that you can't hear), crying, not to mention the back talk! I hope that it all will come later, rather than sooner (Melissa started acting like a teenager when she was 5!! Fun times! :-P )

doreen said...

Oh my, what a heartfelt post, brought a tear to my eye. And another to read your mom's comment. So special.

You're absolutely right. How I wish you weren't but one never understands until they become a mother themselves. sigh. so much to look forward too, lol.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this is such a touching post!

Anonymous said...

OK, you have me in tears now!

As the mom of a teen (eek!) I know that this day will come faster than you could ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

beautiful post life!! and the pictures are just adorable!!!!

Cheryl said... I couldn't have said it better myself... it's all so true.. I remember my mom saying, just wait till your a mother...blah, blah, blah... guess what...she was right!

These pics are precious...all of them.....

Anonymous said...

I love that first picture of Punky Butt! What a sweetheart!

This post is so so true. Its so hard not to pull them close and not let go.