Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Ramblings

So I was surfin' the web last night and came across a tutorial on how to get great Christmas tree photos! If you look on my blog list for "caught on film" you can see the tutorial and admire her much better version of it.

It involves an obnoxiously long exposure time, so unless you have an extremely steady hand I suggest a tripod. I set my app. to 22 and had about a 25 second long shutter speed. Look how twinkly the lights are!

Make sure everything in your picture is motionless or else you will get crazy motion blur. One of my dogs meandered across my scene twice before I decided to hold him captive for the time being. I think I may give this technique a try tonight with some of the neighborhood lights.


I have been searching for some old school jammies, you know the ones with the feet attached...possibly even a butt flap? Well I came across these at Target.

How I wish I had a pair of these. If only a certain someone would go to the women's section behind fitness and across from maternity on the third rack on the right size medium and pick up a pair. Oh if only. And if your feeling froggy you can order me that snazzy 24-70mm we've been talking about.

See hubby, don't the jammies seem like less of a headache now?


You know how the other day I did that little photo shoot with girly and the bowl of marshmallows? doing so I came up with what I would like to think is a fabulous idea. Most nights I like to have a mug of hot cocoa right before bed. It's Mother Nature's Ambien if you ask me. Well...I normally make up the hot cocoa, add a splash of vanilla (or vanilla vodka, depending on the day), a sprinkle of cinnamon and at least 9 thousand marshmallows.

So yesterday when I was strategically putting all of the giant strawberry marshmallows, it dawned on SCRUMPTIOUS would it be to top my cocoa with some of these bad boys!?

I can't capture hot cocoa the way Amy can...but I had to share my discovery. It's a liquefied chocolate covered strawberry dream. Yum.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Becky said...

I LOVE footed pj's. I had some in high school (shh, don't tell anyone). I want another pair but my hubby just laughs at me.
I saw the ones at tarjay and almost got them but I held back.
Thanks for the link about the Christmas tree photos. We finally got our tree up so I'll try it soon!
Love your take on it too!

Anonymous said...

did you get those marshmallows at target? They had strawberry and chocolate flavored ones and they were so yuummy!!!! Ours never made it to the cocoa, the bag was gone fast...LOL
Your tree pic is very pretty...great job!!

Terri Young said...

I actually got them at the HEB. I think it's a Texas thing :) Ooooooh chocolate flavored ones?! Now those I have got to get. I love me some Target!

mommaduck said...

What a BEAUTIFUL tree Terri, really wish we were there to enjoy it with you! I noticed Kaitlyn's haircut in the cereal pics, I really like it, she is just to adorable, give her lots of love from g'ma, (and everyone else of course, but mainly from me!lol) love ya bunches

Anonymous said...

Your tree is sooo beautiful!! I'm going to try the picture. I have a star filter, but it's for the cheapie Quantaray lens that I had for my film camera (which will fit my DSLR). Always meant to get one for the Nikkor lenses, but now I may not have to.

I saw those pj's at Target the other day, too! LOL
Hope hubby gets them for you... and the lens, too ;-)

Cheryl said...

loving your tree pic.. I got the star effect on my St. Louis night skyline pic when I was there in Oct. I did like a 22 sec. exp. also... I think you captured the hot cocoa perfectly!!! Hope Santa (aka hubby) brings you what you want...

Jenilee said...

that is an AWESOME xmas tree! thanks for the link to the tips! I'll have to try that with my mom's tree, mine is white so i don't know how well that will work lol. Oh and I think my mom jumped for joy when she saw those pajamas at target hahaha. She LOVES footy pajamas, and has been wearing the same 5 pairs in the winter for 7 years lmao poor mom

Angela said...

That tree photo looks awesome! I am going to try that tonight :)

Anonymous said...

Your tree is so beautiful! Thanks for the link on how to do it. Now I am off to try. I wonder if colored lights make a difference.