Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Randomeness...and a GIVEAWAY!!!

So we finally completed the process of wiping our poor computer clean. I'm convinced it was suffering from something far more powerful than the bubonic plague. About 30 hours, a dozen disks and 100 restarts, we have a fully functioning computer.

As much as I was looking forward to this break from school, I am already counting down the 21 days until we start back up. I've been going to school for so long, I think I've become institutionalized. I feel all out of place when I'm not going.

So I was looking at my blog statistics over on Google and last night I hit my 10,000th blog hit. I'm both thrilled and bummed by this achievement. I have visitors and even regulars from as far away as the Czech Republic and Greece, almost 500 visits from Germany...and yet the same 10 people comment. Granted they are 10 wonderful marvelous spectacultar peeps, but I'd really like for some of the others to come out of hiding. So in order to coax y'all out of hiding, I'm going to tempt you with prizes :)

I've got a bag full of all sorts of fun goodies, and I promise I will make it worth your time for responding. It is totally gender neutral, so don't shy away if your a guy. A winner will be chosen at random thanks to random.org

All you need to do is answer this question:

"My New Years Resolution is..."

What are you aspiring to accomplish, achieve or attain in 2009?

You have until January 6th 2009 at 5 p.m. Central time. Winner will be posted that evening. Good luck, and can't wait to see your posts!


Anonymous said...

Oh where to start - take better pictures, be a better wife & mother, loose weight (I ordered the Jillian Michales game lol) cook more, etc, etc, etc.

doreen said...

Hmm, I have many too. Photography-wise, I want to learn how to use the speedlite and I am determined to get caught up editing, printing and storing pictures..........I just ordered over 800 pics, lol!!!

How did you learn all those stats about your blog? That's really cool to see who's been peeking.

Terri Young said...

Doreen- I have an account with google analytics. You should check it out, it's super neat!

Anonymous said...

My New Year's resolutions? Hmmm.... lose weight! MUST LOSE WEIGHT!!! And, try to save up the rest of the money I need (or work really hard at talking dh into it) to upgrade my camera to the D300!

Google analytics is too confusing (I have it for my zenfolio). I have StatCounter for my blog

Congrats on reaching 10,000!! And good luck, getting those lurkers out of hiding. Don't those lurkers just drive you nuts? I've tried to get them to come out of hiding on my blog, but it didn't work. Hopefully you will have better luck.

Anonymous said...

that sounds really cool to see how many people are checking out your blog! How awesome to give something away for posting to :)
My resolutions are to keep my house neater, lose 30 pounds, get to the point of photography that I can have a business and to have more patience!

Plane Jayne said...

Hello Terri,

I love checking your blog out!

As for my resolutions hmm.... I know it is general but improving and honing new skills such as my photography, trying new projects with sewing and stamping.
Enjoying my family just a little more to I don't regret moments I have missed.

I wish you and your family all the best for 2009!
Congrats on the new studio set up! Looking forward to seeing more shots!


Anonymous said...

My resolutions are to lose the baby weight finally, graduate law school, improve my photography, and start my law career :)

Jennifer~Anna'smommy said...

ok...So my new years resolutions is to loose some weight...just get in shape really. I want to have another baby and want to be in good shape before I start trying. I also want to learn to take better pictures in full sun. I struggle with that a lot. I would love an upgrade on a camera but MUST get a new computer first. So I need to save some money. AND, I want to be a better wife to my husband and a better mom to my Anna Louise. I want to LOVE Colorado and get over being COLD...I want to webcam with my parents more and Im gonna get to be an AUNT!! I want to be the BEST LONG DISTANCE AUNT ever!! Ok...enough of my soap box...sorry..I have A LOT to work on...:) Thanks for making me think of what I need to get done!! lol...:)

Anonymous said...

Yay on 10,000!!!
I tried to set up google analyics and failed...
ok...resolution #1 figure out google analytics
lets see, lose weight, improve photography, more patience, less time on the computer (yeah right...LOL)


cdickin said...

i say i want health and knowledge for my up coming school im starting. Also i want to grasp more photography skills.

Jaden Larson said...

Hmm my new years resolution is probably to be more organized lol...and to learn how to use my new camera haha!


maddymoose said...

I LOVE checking your blog - you are so creative and funny!

My NYR is to get in shape and be able to run a 5K (or more) - I hate running so this is a pretty big goal for me!

jenn said...

hey terri, do you use google analytics, or ... ? oops, just saw you said you do. i am bummed i didn't get that info in there before.

anyway, no resolution, never works, but i'm working on getting the "last 10 pounds" off, so we can try for more babies, and really sink into photography. :P

stephgallipeau said...

...to learn how to use my new camera in all manual! And of course to get back into shape after I have the baby!

I'll be one to admit that I read your blogs but don't responed. Hey maybe that could be another resolution. =)

mdc said...
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Anonymous said...

I want to do a whole post on resolutions, so I haven't laid everything out yet. I know bettering my photography is on that list, as well as spend more "floor time" with my guys.

Cheryl said...

Great idea Terri..lurkers are frustrating aren't they...

I haven't finalized my resolutions yet either but for starters... like everyone else (lol).
1. lose weight
2. improve my photography
3. make Syd's ABC scrapbook album (I plan to do this in Jan.

that's a good list of starters....

erin noie said...

My New Year's resolution.. is to survive the next year without my husband! He's going to Iraq.. this deployment will be much different than his last, since we have 2 kids now!

Another resolution is to lose some weight.. I'm thinking at least 10 lbs!

and to improve my photography skills, get a new lens and maybe some studio lighting.

That is all :)

Grats on 10,000 visits!

Anonymous said...

I confess I stalk... I mean visit your blog often, I really enjoy your photography. As for resolutions mine would be to lose weight. Congrats on reaching 10,000!

Jenilee said...

HAHAHAHA girl you are too much!

ok my resolution is- well I don't make them lol. But my GOAL is to blog at least once a week :)

bebedoc said...

My New Year's resolution is to start a 365 photo blog and learn as much as I can about photography. There's a bunch more that I would love to do, but I'd rather not take on more than I can handle with three little ones under the age of 2!


Becky said...

Woohoo! I've been offline for over a week and I can still enter :)
I have a ton or resolutions. Here's a sample...
Eat more veggies, get better with photography and editing, find a job!, record more day to day moments, scrapbook more, stay off the internet.
That's just a few things!

Terri Young said...


I just can't justify leaving your comments up due to the fact I am a happily married woman. I think my conquestin' days are over. :)

Stacey N. said...

My NYRs are to make A's in all 17 credits worth of classes I'm taking, be more patient with hubby and Bre, decide on what I want to do for a career, and become a better Christian and work on reading the Bible more.

melissa said...

Hi Lurker here... My NYR is to learn my new camera, Be more patient and to make each one of my kids a scrapbook to stay on top of their pictures through the years. I'm very good at taking the pictures but horrible at printing them out.

Karla said...

Terri -

If I were I guy, I'd "conquest" you too. Feel free to delete this post. Bwahahaha!

You know I love your work (told ya so in an email exchange once). You're way ahead of me in the game. Texture me jealous!

My NYR is always to lose weight, but I never do, so I resolve to stop resolving.

Karla from the SHP forums