Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Excitement Starts...Now!

Don't be jealous. You are about to witness the greatness that is Nursing Textbooks.

Please folks, hold your applause until the end. Feel free however, to stare in awe.
I think I'm finally ready to put aside the fact the resale value on these puppies is enough to purchase a small car. Or a plethora of some kick @ss camera lenses. (oh man, is it too late to return these things?!) I need to embrace them. I need to anticipate my forthcoming wealth of knowledge, and relish the fact in another 2 years I will be earning a paycheck once again.

I was concerned my Olympiad-esque bod (sarcasm) would go to shambles during the new school semester. I'm now realizing I have nothing to fear, the sheer thought of towing these around is making me break a sweat. Are you ready to be shocked? These books will get me through the first YEAR of school. In case you are wondering, combined there are a total of 11,056 pages. Yes, I added them up. See this book here, "Fundamentals of Nursing"?

There are THREE authors. If it takes 3 people to write the dang thing, ONE person shouldn't be expected to read it. Just my opinion.

Despite the fact I'm dreading my upcoming workload, I have to say I'm slightly anticipating being back in scrubs. I admire a profession that can walk around in pajamas all day. I even got to go school shopping. According to school policy, I need to have all white shoes to wear during clinicals. I scoped out many a pair, and finally decided on these Sketchers. They were both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing...or as much so as white shoes can get.

I may have slightly violated their strict policy on "all white" shoe. In an effort to retain some sort of diva status while performing mundane messy nursing tasks (please don't ask for clarification), I opted for the shoe with the glittery "S" logo.

Am I getting too old for glitter? Hmmmm.


Staci said...

Yes another highly entertaining new blog post! Keep it up Terri--I love reading your new blog!

Kristie's Photography Blog said...

I agree with staci. It is really entertaining. I wish I was as good at writing as you are. CAnt wait to see what ya got in store for tomorrow

Terri Young said...

Thanks ladies, your the best!

Heather Leggett said...

Oh my! I agree, if it took three authors, one person should not be required to read it! LOL I'm excited for you starting nursing school though! You'll have to keep us posted with the details! Cute shoes! I think that's exactly what I'd pick for all white shoes too. I have a similar pair in brown and pink, hee hee.