Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Daughter...the Penny Pincher

I'd like to introduce to you, Mr. Piggles the Piggy Bank.

Mr. Piggles is a gift from Grandma Young. Up until now, he was merely a colorful pig that made neat jingly sounds when you shook him. The other day I demonstrated to Kaitlyn the art of stowing away coins. She found this to be quite the exciting task.

I gave her a handful of coins, and one by one she fed them to Mr. Piggles.

(notice the chicken remnant? I told you they were everywhere.)

This next picture shows the exact moment when she realized she had run out of coins. If you look closely, you can actually see the look of desperation across her face.

She eyeballed the thing for a good minute, which in the mind of a two year old is next to forever.She bargained and pleaded even. She then did what every reasonable toddler would do.

She threw a fit.

I'm unsure who won. Kaitlyn or Mr. Piggles.

Then as if by an act of God, her entire demeanor changed. A smile emerged. I thought this to be extremely odd. She got up and immediately started lifting the carpet up.

How in the Heck does she even think to do this? For the record I have never searched for anything under the carpet before, and even if I did it was never in front of her.

Crazy thing is...there ended up being a penny under there!

I was baffled. Has she been stowing away a secret coin collection? Once she found it, she turned into a complete goofball. I was cracking up at this time at her animated celebration. I was unable to hold the camera still enough to get a decent shot of her victory dance.

Off to look under the rest of the rugs. Maybe I'll get lucky.


Staci said...

Cute post Terri! These kids sure are clever, aren't they??!!

Becky said...

That's a great thing to capture with the camera. Love it!