Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fowl Play

While picking up the house this morning I came across what appeared to be the remnants of a seriously confused chicken. Strategically placed in almost every room, I came across this:

Purple and white feathers. I followed the trail to the top of the stairs, where I found to be what I thought was ground zero for the multi-colored mutant. It was about a 6" section of amputated feather fluff.

I picked up the strand of ratted up feathers, and suddenly realized what it was. My sister, who had been down recently to visit from Iowa, had brought along a feather boa. Her intentions were to have Kaitlyn use it as a fun girly prop during a photoshoot. However we got so caught up in everything else during her short visit, that we had completely forgotten about it.

Appearantly somebody didn't.

There have been times in the past (pre-kiddo) that I have seen kids in public with the most ABSURD outfits. I would say to myself "How can their parents let them dress like that", and "I would Neeeeever let my kid dress like that outside the house".

I am now eating my very words. I sheepishly made an attempt to re-attach the disected chicken strand, and in doing so almost lost a limb of my own. Girlie FLIPPED out. I mean she went kung-fo on my ass. I threw my hands up in defeat and took a step back to admire my stubborn little diva.

That's my girl.

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Staci said...

I see how you are Terri---just erasing my comments! Just kidding....I saw that you accidentally erased your post!