Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sometimes I Get Distracted

I woke up with good intentions this morning. I promise I did. I even woke up before everyone else, and if you know me at know this is big. I took out a notebook and sat down in the kitchen, and decided to make a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish today. I tried not to get ahead of myself, as I tend to do most of the time. I set the bar low, that way I'd increase my chances of getting through everything. I think it's important on my path to become a Domestic Goddess to perfect the art of managing my time. We all know time is precious, and more often than not we find ourselves wishing we had more of it. I started with the following:

1. Clean up kitchen
2. Make grocery menu for the week
3. Take girls to the park for photoshoot
4. Put oven cleaner in oven before bed

I felt pretty good about my list; nothing excessively difficult and enough to keep me busy. I even went as far as taking my cleaning tote thingy-madoodle out of the closet.

And then my problem began. The night before I was skimming through my mental health nursing book at the table. Psychology has always interested me, and this particular book happens to be pretty darn captivating. Not to mention the book contains ridiculous illustrations and funny captions.

I picked up the book and moved out to the living room, at which point the girls were up and enjoying cartoons over breakfast.

I wasn't up for deep reading, just flipping through looking at the pictures. I found the following images to be both entertaining and borderline depressing.

That's when I stumbled upon Hildegard, who appearantly was some big shot psych nurse back in the day. The discoveries she had made in the field of pscyh nursing were pretty inspiring.

In fact I was so inspired, I felt compelled to become Hildegard. Here comes my moment of weakness...which inevidably lead to my demise.

I searched and searched AND SEARCHED to find the perfect attire for my Hildegard transformation. Sadly, this was the best I could come up with...

Join me now, for a moment of silence to reflect upon the great advances in both technology and fashionable attire.

And just for are a couple of close contenders. I happen to be feeling comfortable enough to share these with all you thousands of viewers at home. (ha)

If this one didn't appear so paranoid, I would have chosen it:

Wow. Ummmmm yeah. I don't know.


jenn said...

lol! you're too funny!

Staci said...

Terri, you kill me! Keep the blog posts are my new daily entertainment and I seriously wish you had started blogging long ago! Have you given any thought to becoming a comedy writer of some sort?

Kristie's Photography Blog said...

yeah, I cant stop visiting the new blog. THis is great. I love it