Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ice's What's For Dinner

I was throwing myself a pity party the other night, one that could only be consoled by a Smirnoff and a pint of ice cream. During my pajama adorned trip to the grocery store, I found myself in a dilemma. My personal favorite happens to be Oatmeal Cookie. However, I was unsure whether or not even the mystical powers of Oatmeal Cookie could soothe my gripes and grumbles.

So I picked up the new Cake Batter.

Which led to me picking up the new Cinnamon Buns.

And then what if hubby decided he wanted in on my ice cream tirade?! He is purely a vanilla kind of guy, but just in case I picked up Whirled Peace and Half Baked. Then I tried to justify that because Peach Cobbler included a fruit in the title, it could be partially nutritious. Despite the fact the peaches were smothered in cream and shortbread.

Ben and Jerry's is a diverse food product, in that it can simultaneously elevate a mood and make you feel like a complete fat ass all at the same time. A unique concept however, is that one doesn't comprehend the later until the bottom of the container has been revealed.

That's where the alcoholic beverage comes in handy.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Staci said...

LMAO Terri! You are too darn funny! Personally, I adore the cake batter and choc chip cookie dough!! Yumm!

Becky said...

Smirnoff and ice cream huh? Sounds familiar to me :)

Anonymous said...

I'm all for ice-cream for dinner... and breakfast.. and lunch! I can totally hear Ben and Jerry calling my name right now...allll the way from the store two miles away! LOL
I've never seen the oatmeal cookie chunk. Sounds yummy! And the peach cobbler, too!