Saturday, September 13, 2008

Don't Mess With Texas!

So going back to our visit in Pflugerville, since I finally had the time to edit a few pictures. To recap we found this country housing development, with just gorgeous lakes and ponds and landscaping. Not to mention there were about a dozen horses roaming around the outskirts of the neighborhood. It was like my dream area to live. We're seriously kicking ourselves in the butts for not adventuring East a few miles before we decided on a house to buy.

But not everything can be perfect right?! I realized this after chasing Kaitlyn down to this little lookout area:

I picked her up to look at the fountain and noticed an odor loud enough to make your nose hair cringe. I looked down and saw this:

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! It wasn't just this one tiny spot, it was scattered everywhere. And it smelled like all the sewage from the neighborhood, heck the state of Texas, dumped into this little pond. Slightly disappointed.

Whatever happened to "Don't mess with Texas"!?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! You totally had me thinking Pflugerville would be an ideal place to live, until the pond picture. LOL

Anonymous said...

Love these locations!! Well, except for that last one.
I'm totally in the wrong part of TX, it's so stinkin' boring here!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! Litterbugs are gross. I get so fired up when I see someone being careless like that!

Staci said...

gorgeous photos!!