Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

It's been a long week. A long, rough, draining week. After almost two years of being joined at the hip with my daughter, she is realizing she has a father. Suddenly, I am invisible. The heart-warming welcome that I received the first week of school, has been replaced by more important Yo Gabba Gabba marathons. I received a less than admirable grade on a test yesterday, despite my own marathons with nursing books. And I'm once again remembering what it was like to be seriously sleep deprived.

I realized last night that my Ben and Jerry's collection had been replaced with a much more fundamental element of the food pyramid.

Before you draw the conclusion I am a lush, I assure you there is no lushing going on here. In fact, I'm lucky if I can make it down to the label of any given beverage before I pass out of sheer exhaustion. I just have a tendency to collect things, hence the assortment of liquid nourishment.

I did a breakdown of the contents of our refrigerator. It goes as follows:

70% Condiments
20% Beverages
8% Ice Cream
5% Freezer Burn
4% Strawberry Parfait
1% Very Expired Yogurt (hey, I made an attempt to be healthy)

I realize this does not come to 100%. I also realize I currently lack the motivation to do math.

Despite eager attempts to make food magically appear, I assure you no matter how many times you go back and check...despite however many magical connotations you utter prior to opening the door, it will still contain 100% foodlessness.

I think it's time for a trip to our friendly grocer. Unless anyone knows of any delectable dinner recipes I can whip up with what I got.


Becky said...

mmmm. What kind of Smirnoff is that? Hard to tell, it looks like it has a black top. Is it any good? Better than strawberry acai??
Oh, nice post too :)

Anonymous said...

Isn’t it sad when your child realizes, “Wow, this life has more to offer than just my mom!” And it’s hard to divide your thought process between focusing on being a great mom, and the guilt of focusing on your career at hand. We moms have a lot on our plate. It’s never a win/win situation, but more of a compromise/compromise one. But, keep your head up. And remember Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.
Proverbs 3:5-6 And if all else fails, that Smirnoff looks pretty refreshing!

*K.J Binkens

Anonymous said...

Also I wanted to comment on the fact that, isnt that Mr. Quackers in your pot, headed for the oven in your picture up there? And you wonder where she got the idea to hurt him.... LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure, change the picture just as the evidence comes pooring in. Thats an easy cover up! I've got my eye on you!

*K.J. Binkens

Terri Young said...

You are hilarious...and on to me. I'm sure someone was about to call animal protective services. I had to take it down. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your new header image! THe expression on her face is perfect! LOL

jilltan said...

That's enough to live on! I actually did in college for awhile! Hopefully things will ease up and you will be able to catch some shut eye!