Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Anyone else disturbingly addicted to this 24 hour news coverage besides me? We were let out of school early, as was other schools and businesses to prepare for the impending hurricane. This town is NUTS with evacuees. The streets and highways are jammed to the max. There are make shift shelters scattered all throughout town, and the hospitals have had an influx of Houston area patients. Of course the government is taking full advantage of us all by kindly jacking up the price of gasoline. Good thing I bought that scooter the other day. *sarcasm*

I really hope this things bark is bigger than it's bite. My prayers are going out to everyone.


jilltan said...

I didn't realize you were in TX -- hope you stay safe. My family and a lot of friends are in Houston, so I have been following IKE closely.

Anonymous said...

That is one crazy storm, isn't it? I haven't been watching the news, but did some reading online. Somewhere it said that the storm was 600 miles across before it hit land!! And the eye is HUGE!!!
As of now it's supposed to pass east of us, but we're still expecting heavy rain and high winds.

Jill, hope your family and friends are safe!

Anonymous said...

Hope you stay safe! What is the price of gas in TX now. Here is Chicago we saw $4.30. We'll probably see $5 by the time the storms are through.