Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When Animals Attack

Let me start by saying, I love my daughter dearly. She brings more joy and happiness to my heart than I ever thought possible to attain.

That being said, sometimes this kid just makes me stop dead in my tracks and wonder...

"who are your parents?!"

I'd like to introduce to you Quackers.

Kaitlyn had no choice in the matter about developing a fondness of ducks. Well before she exited my womb, it was predermined her stuffed animal of choice and item of comfort would be a duck. My Mom and I have this thing...I'm baby duck, she's momma duck. That's just how it is. I wanted to pass this on my own girl.

SO, now that we got the logistics out of the way...I'd like to share with you an event that took place not too long ago. It was early morning, and we were eating breakfast. As usual, Kaitlyn included Mr. Quakers. Here he is accompanying her on the picnic table for her morning meal:

There were even periodic pauses for smooches.

I don't prompt these things folks, they just happen. She thinks very fondly of Mr. Quackers.

Or so I thought.

Looking back, I think this may be the very moment when Mr. Quakers realized something just wasn't right.

The fear is in his eyes. The next thing you know, up leaps the girl and without warning ATTACKS poor innocent Mr. Quackers.

Oblivous to the flurry of feathers and pleading quacks, she preceeds to do a full on bum to beak pro wrestling move.

Just when I thought she was about to show this poor fellow some mercy, she decides to take him to the stairs.

*Warning* The following is not for the faint of heart or avid animal lover.

This girl then winds back and pummels Quackers repeatedly into the banister!

Just as soon as it began it was over. I don't know what caused my dear Kaitlyn to lose all composure and go on a duck pummeling frenzy. Maybe he eyeballed her cereal wrong. What baffles me is she has never been exposed to violence, whether it be on tv or anywhere else. I'm thinking these animal instincts are hard-wired in us all somehow. I hope this is no indication of what is yet to come in her teenage years.



Becky said...

How funny! Aiden carries around a ducky too. His name is... Ducky. He takes a lot of abuse. It could be worse right?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! She definitely has the Secoy blood in her now doesn’t she! I was cracken up the whole time reading that. I can see the papers now “Disaster strikes a local Texas residence. 2 year old convicted and sentenced for the mutilation of innocent fuzzy baby duckling.” If she has anymore problems, just send her over to her Aunt Kayla's !!!!

-K.J. Binkens

Anonymous said...

She is SO adorable!! Poor Mr. Quakers, but he looks like he can take it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Quackers is quite the wimp! I mean, I know Kaitlyn had some pretty impressive moves there, but come on! Anyone with the title "Mr." should be able to hold his own with a little girl! LOL Hope he isn't the vengeful type or Kaitlyn best start sleeping with one eye open!

mommaduck said...

To funny! Obviously that is not how I raised my 'baby duck', you never did no such thing. (yeah right!)

Momma/NaNa Duck

doreen said...

OMG, this series of pics along with your description really made me smile!

I opened up a goggle account just to're that good, lol!

Your blog is great, really a pleasure tor red.

doreen said...

while I figured out how to make an account, obviously i didn't preview my message, lol

That's suppose to be pleasure to read, lol!

Staci said...

That is too funny Terri!