Sunday, January 25, 2009


I just had a minor breakthrough with this migraine inducing program (CS3). As much as I'd like to curse the program and throw wet noodles at my monitor in anger, turns out it was just user error.

See the difference?

So what was I doing wrong you ask? Well, I was running the actions on a resized for web picture. Made for a hideous edit.

I have a photoshoot this afternoon with my gorgeous niece, can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Oh ya, MUCH better in the sharpness! It looks way more natural! You probably know more about CS3 than I do and it's all I've ever edited on. LOL

Anonymous said...

The new version looks so cute!
Have you checked out Scott Kelby's book yet? It rocks!

Becky said...

Yep, can see the difference now. I just figured that's the way the wall was.
Glad you are getting CS3 figured out. it takes some time but it does get easier.

Anonymous said...

Looks nuch better now! Glad you're starting to figure it out, I'm sure you'll be an old pro in no time!

Anonymous said...

that does look so much better!! you will be an expert in no time!

doreen said...

Wow, what a difference!! I didn't think the 1st was bad, but wow. You probably know more than me a year later............I have no patience, lol!