Wednesday, January 28, 2009

4/52 "Water"

Initially I had an idea for the water theme for week 3 of the 52 project, one that involved a big gorgeous lake nearby and a sunrise...BUT the weather has not been cooperating, and I do not own a winter coat. So. Here is it's replacement.

In case you are having trouble deciphering, this is the passenger side door of my truck this morning around 7:30. In fact, my entire vehicle was an icicle which made for creative entry. I grew up in the Midwest, and at one time was very familiar and educated on said events. However, I have been acclimatized and sadly, I lost all my winter survival skills. It's a good thing we don't have a long enough extension cord or I just may have dragged out my hair dryer.

I knew it wouldn't be long before it was completely melted, so I took advantage of the miniature skating rink I had in my front drive. Can you see the ice? Nearly busted my butt taking the trash out. Now it's nearing 50 and sunny. This weather is ridiculous.

*Yes, I know this is weak sauce compared to what some of you have been going through. Between Cheryl, Doreen and Dalia I think there has been like 178 1/4" of snow. Let me get my cold weather gripe in :) *


Anonymous said...

I was outside, taking ice pictures this morning, too! And I took one of the car window, too! LOL
I had fun, and enjoyed the cold, and crunch of the ice.
It's all melted here, too, except the areas that are in the shade all day.

Becky said...

I would say that I miss the ice and cold, but I'd be lying. I love Arizona and the fact that I only need a winter coat a month out of the year and even then, it's iffy.
It does make for some great pictures though if you are brave enough to go outside, which I'm not.

Cheryl said...

lol.. you can gripe! If I lived in Texas I would be like Michaela and probably like the snow/ice only because I would know that is really short lived. Where in the midwest did you grow up?

Awesome pics by the way.

doreen said...

That's perfect for the theme! Awesome pics, yeah, ahead and gripe, we all can today!

Terri Young said...

I grew up in Iowa Cheryl. From 1st-6th grade I lived on a farm :)

Sarah said...

oooh... great creativity Terri!! Love it.

Don't forget to add in there the 2 inches of snow we got this week too.

Anonymous said...

that is a really cool shot!!!
You can gripe all you winter we should go live in Jamaica and drink pina coladas!! We had about 5-6 inches of snow and then it started raining...what a friggin mess!!! LOL...Well, at least Jan is almost over so spring is coming.

Anonymous said...

Ooo the first one is so abstract and pretty! Love it.