Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Grumbles

A few of you asked if I was back in school, and the answer is "Ugh. Yes."

It saddens me that I have to tune out fun and useless information in an attempt to retain less exciting useful information. It was good to see my fellow school peeps today, and at one point there was a slight glimmer of interest for this semester...somewhere between the first break and lunch at Joe's Mexican Cafe. If there is one good thing I can take from the day it is the fact I will be observing an open heart surgery this semester and possibly other procedures. How cool is that?! It's been over 4 years since I've scrubbed in to an O.R. and I am STOKED.

I've come up with a new name for Punky Butt.

"The Faceless Wonder"

It seems to fit the bill lately.

*Sidenote* Are these too sharp on your monitor? I made the switch to CS3 and him and I are not getting along.

-My computer decided today it no longer wanted to read my flash card. It then went on to refuse that entire panel of hard drives. I'm shopping for flash card readers as we speak. How annoying is that?! I took some really fun pictures today too. Bummer.

-I'm realizing now that I was a wee bit over zealous while making my list for 2009. I've learned a few things the last couple of weeks:

~Homeless people make me fear for my health and well-being, and I have no desire to conversate with them. I know it's horrible, but it's just how I feel.

~With my schedule there is no way I can even muster up 2 hours of volunteer time a month. I will, however use my summer vacation to make up for it.

~"Salsa Cardio Mix" does not constitute for Salsa dancing.

I want to apologize in advance for being a mediocre blog friend the next 16 weeks. My schedule is going to be slightly chaotic. Bare with me :)


Becky said...

They don't look oversharp on my laptop. But I would take that lightly, my laptop sucks.
Can you connect your camera directly to your computer to get your pictures off?
I'll miss your blogging but you gotta do what you gotta do right?

jilltan said...

I always plug my camera directly to my computer and it works well.
I would say the first one is a slight bit too sharp on my computer but hard to really tell at that size.
Good luck with your new semester!

Anonymous said...

Good luck at school! Observing an open heart surgery is so NOT cool! I can't even watch Grey's Anatomy or ER without holding my hand out to block the screen during... um.. certain scenes. Good thing we don't have a big screen TV! LMBO
The pictures look good to me, too. And just wait, pretty soon you will call Punky Butt aka The Faceless Wonder "The Blur" ;-)
Good luck finding a new card reader. I've always used one vs. hooking up the camera, because the card readers are supposed to be faster.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with school...sounds so interesting. I love school, I always wanted to go to med school. I could be a career student...LOL The pics look fine to me and yes the faceless wonder is what I see quite often too. I also vote for the usb card reader...even the cheap ones work.
Take care of yourself!

doreen said...

I'm a fan of back shots, so these work for me, lol!! I noticed right away how sharp they were but not too sharp. Are these with you new lens? That also could account for the crazy sharpness!!

Good luck at school....watching an open heart surgery sounds amazing........I spent many a year working hospitals/emergency depts/even a heart and lung hosp. I've never scrubbed in but it sounds like fun!

doreen said...

oh meant to say, always plug my camera to the computer.......and I have a card reader, lol! I have a hx of losing memory cards so it's just safer for it to STAY in my camera, lol!

Sarah said...

They don't look too sharp for me, but they are a bit small to really tell.

Your faceless wonder is getting so big!! WOW, I can't believe it.

So going to miss your daily blogging.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you are busy! No need to apologize, but I will miss your posts and comments on a daily basis.

I am also a fan of back shots, so these are cute. The first one may be a tad too sharp. Mainly looking at the stone. But maybe that is how the stone looks? The second is perfect. I am also wondering whether this is the lens?

Terri Young said...

HUGS ladies! I am a zombie right now. Ugh.

Yes these were with the new lens. It's going to take some use to, the zoom and heaviness. I BARELY sharpened them, maybe my lens is just way sharper then my 50.

Did the camera come with an adapter to plug directly into the computer? Hmmmmmmm.

Sarah Shah Portraits said...

Yep, that's the grey seamless... I love it, but I have some issues with grain when I use my speedlight, even if I am in a well natural light lit room. I'm beginning to think it's my camera.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, adorable, and they are sharp but not necessarily over sharp.

Good luck this semester..sounds interesting but something I would rather not witness

And I too have a card reader but prefer the usb cord, and plug the camera directly in...it take no time..less time than a card reader!