Thursday, January 1, 2009

My List For 2009

*disclaimer* not my image :)

So I've never been one to make resolutions. Directly translated, resolution is to make a firm determination. I am not one to be firmly determined about anything, therefore I set goals. I've done this for a few years now, in an attempt to become a more well-rounded versatile human being. It took me a while to compile this years list. I had to be careful. Factoring in school and my job as Mommy and Wife, I'm stretched pretty darn thin as it is. That being said I still wanted to challenge myself, be realistic and above all have fun!

I present to you, my list.

1) Learn how to tie 20 different knots, and know what situations call for which knots

2) Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow

3) Volunteer 2 hours of my time every month to a different organization

4) Learn how to dance the salsa

5) Take a course in American Sign Language

6) Learn the story of 5 homeless people in an attempt to not be so disgusted everytime I encounter one

7) Read a different magazine every month, front to that I would typically never think to pick up

8) Attend a photography course

9) Learn a new word every day, and how to properly use it in a sentence. (Made easy thanks to

wanderlust \WON-der-luhst\, noun:
a strong desire to wander or travel

10) Learn to juggle 3 balls

11) Learn how to make 10 International food dishes

12) Learn 10 things involving vehicle or home repair

And a bonus for the hubby...take some golf lessons and buy a set of clubs :)


Anonymous said...

Quite a list! Good luck in the coming year! The best you can do is try! If nothing else it will be fun a year from now to see how far you got!

Terri Young said...

Oooooh I'm taking that as a challenge. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow that is quite a go girl. I will love vicariously through you...LOL


Anonymous said...

live not love...I guess it could go either way, I suppose proof reading should be one of my resolutions...nah!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your list, Terri! You'll have to keep us updated on the things you're working on, and crossing off the list.

dkstreutker said...

HONESTLY...that list is INSANE! Have fun completing it!

Do you have 2008's list & how you did at the end of the year????

Update us! pls

doreen said...

Hmm, that's one interesting list. Very unique and fun, fits you to a "tee" (insert stupid golf humor), lol!! Dh would love if the golf thing was a resolution of mine but that's not happening anytime soon, lol!

cheryl said...

I agree, great list! Hope you complete it or at least come close! I also am a goal setter not a resolution maker!

Anonymous said...

WOW, where do you get the energy? That list is insane! Good luck with it and I cant wait to hear how it is progressing

Terri Young said...

I do have my list Dawn! It's not as overly-zealous as this years, but it was still fun. I'm not sure of a good way to post it as it is too long for here, so I'll just post the highlights :)

Make myself handy around the house: Learned how to install a ceiling fan, crawled in the attic to instal electric box, replaced light fixtures in all bathrooms.

Make myself handy under the hood of a car: Not exactly the hood but I took out and replaced a car sterio.

Learn a musical instrument: Learned how to play the guitar and further developed my abilities on the piano.

Join a Fantasy Football League:
I came out in 2nd place :)

Learn to tie a man's necktie

Pick up a new hobby:
Photography...and SO glad I did

Find a way to make money without punching a time-clock:
I sold my artwork through Craigslist

Those are the main ones. Thanks so much for asking. :)

Plane Jayne said...

WOW! I envy your enthusiasm. I look forward to checking your blog not only for your photography but to see how you are progressing on you list.


Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Man girl that is one awesome list! I think you of anyone can do it.

lyoung said...

amazing - Knowing you, I bet you make progress on all of them. I'm inspired! Only thing on my current goals list is to loose 10 lbs(notice I did not mention the 30 I need to loose!!) and to stop being bored at work, be grateful I still have a job!!

Like everyone else, I'll be watching the blog to see how you are progressing.

Howard M. said...

Only you Terri...
You've got quite the imaginative mind to come up with a list like that. I don't see anything overly difficult or unattainable though. You made some good progress on last year's goals. I'm sure you'll do the same this year. Best of luck!

Taira said...

I absolutely LOVE your list. My list is always the same...lose weight, eat better, exercise more (guess they all go hand in hand) and take more me time...and typically they don't get done because I don't REALLY want to do them...or as I teach my students they aren't specific enough.

You have motivated me! I am going to sit down with your list as an example and have hubby and I come up with will keep the year focussed and, more importantly, fun!

Thank you for the inspiration to go beyond "typical" resolutions!

dkstreutker said...

unique Terri...I love it! Thanks for posting your follow up from last year! My hubby can't believe it!